At Florida International Trading, we have one mission—to export premium American beef to our extensive network of restaurants, markets, retail website warehouses, and consumers in China. We employ advanced technology across the entire value chain and offer a single, easy point to start moving your meat products throughout China.

All our meat products are certified and fully traced through the entire supply chain from farm to processing, exported from ports such as Los Angeles, and then imported to Guangzhou, China. From there, our distributors pick up the products and transport them to a range of different establishments and consumers in China.

The Story

Kelly Wical, our founder, grew up in rural North Dakota, surrounded by farms filled with wheat, corn, and livestock. When he wasn’t riding the horses or messing with animals, he was often at the local sale barn, helping out and listening as the auctioneer called out bids. He later started his own small farm in Texas, where he raised cattle and trained Tennessee Walking Horses.

After spending months in various regions of China for his work, Kelly fell in love with the country. He gained a profound appreciation for the culture, the people, and most notably, the food. Pursuing his passion, Kelly is now working to introduce quality American beef to China. “Whenever my Chinese friends visit me in the US, the one place they always want to go to is a good steakhouse. Now, we can bring those steaks to their restaurants and supermarkets, combining the merits of our beef and the unique qualities of Chinese cuisine to create wholesome and delicious dishes.”

What We Do

We are a Florida incorporated trading company, exclusively exporting all natural American beef to China.

Our meat is frozen and vacuum-sealed, packaged in sub-primal or portion cuts, then sent on its way to Guangzhou, China, the 6th busiest port in the world. Once we clear customs, our distribution trucks pick up the meat and transport it to restaurants, markets, and consumers throughout China.

Associations We Belong To
• United States Cattlemen’s Association

• Florida Cattlemen’s Association

• U.S. Meat Export Federation

Why Us

Our founders have deep connections in the U.S. and China beef industries and we’re passionate about bringing quality American beef to the Chinese people

From beef tongue to choice roasts to prime steaks, we ship a variety of quality meat that passes all of China’s import regulations.

Quality Guarantee  

U.S. suppliers must provide:
1. Record number in the China Commodity Inspection Bureau, confirmed that foreign suppliers have meat (beef) exports to China’s qualifications

2. Certificate of origin

3. Health permit

4. Original bill of landing invoice and other related documents  

U.S. Qualification Requirements:
1. The domestic consignee must have the right to import and export, import and export rights at the same time business license business scope should include food or agricultural products import, production, distribution or agency and other content, the registered capital should reach 5 million yuan (including 5 million)

2. Domestic consignee needs to be the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the record of the domestic meat consignee qualified for the record

3. Requires entry of animal quarantine permits at the entry inspection and quarantine bureau

4. In the local health sector for food business for the record

5. Import port commodity inspection record

6. Domestic consignee also needs to be issued by the Ministry of Commerce, “automatic import license

7. After the above procedures are available, and the country can be designated as the meat storage agreement, because the beef is freezer transport, so in the port of destination to find a commodity inspection bureau in the cold storage, signed a cold storage agreement

8. Finally, the customs clearance of the customs must also have the qualifications of meat


U.S. World Headquarters:

8595 Collier Blvd, Suite 107, Naples, FL 34114
Kelly Wical
Phone: 224.829.2204
Email: kelly@floridainternationaltrading.com

China Offices:
Shenzhen: Wanshang Huayuan 7-1, Xingye Rd, Baoan District
Changsha: 14F, LuGu Coordinate A, 199 LuLong Road, Yuelu District