The Story

Kelly Wical, our founder, grew up in rural North Dakota, surrounded by farms filled with wheat, corn, and livestock. When he wasn’t riding the horses or messing with animals, he was often at the local sale barn, helping out and listening as the auctioneer called out bids. He later started his own small farm in Texas, where he raised cattle and trained Tennessee Walking Horses.

After spending months in various regions of China for his work, Kelly fell in love with the country. He gained a profound appreciation for the culture, the people, and most notably, the food. Pursuing his passion, Kelly is now working to introduce quality American beef to China. “Whenever my Chinese friends visit me in the US, the one place they always want to go to is a good steakhouse. Now, we can bring those steaks to their restaurants and supermarkets, combining the merits of our beef and the unique qualities of Chinese cuisine to create wholesome and delicious dishes.”